Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Can you keep a secret? I bet you can

Dave Kennedy (left) & Steve Wegrzynski: Jinski
I’m getting excited: I always do when a gig that I’ve had in the diary, seemingly forever, finally approaches. My love of Jinski is well documented and any opportunity I get to catch them in a live situation I jump on immediately. Their songs are so lovingly crafted and tug at every emotion possible. And they tend to play the sort of venues where you feel you're practically up on stage with them. Quite why or how they've never broken through to the mainstream is a mystery to me - Radio 2 would have a field day with them. I guess they'll have to remain a well kept secret a little while longer yet.


  1. At your suggestion I followed the link and By Jove Mr Medd, you're right! I'd never heard of Jinski before, but now I have another musical journey of discovery to make. So cheers for that.