Friday, 30 August 2013

I need a Saga

There are approximately 180 million regularly maintained Blogs on the Internet. All of life's fauna and flora can be found there. As Fraser Lewry, writing in September's Saga magazine, comments - folks are writing about anything from politics to polenta, from socks to sex. I don't know how the age demographic of Blog writers breaks down, all I do know is that Saga have, in their wisdom, included this Blog in their Top Fifty Over-50 Bloggers. A pdf version is available here - with thanks to Simon Longcroft for the very appropriate artwork. And, though maybe not in keeping with Saga magazine's demographic, here's some appropriate music.


  1. Hey that's brilliant - congrats!
    I turned fifty last month, still waiting for a Saga package to arrive automatically in the post, or is that a myth? I wouldn't mind but... just wish the name didn't have *sag* in it. Like we need reminding.

  2. Thank you C. How about an an anagram (or even a palindrome)? Though ' A Gas' may conjure up something other than Mick Jagger had in mind.

  3. As my younger cousin I'm very proud! It's a shame the Aunties aren't computer literate

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  4. Nice to see Saga giving a fellow eternal teenager the nod.