Monday, 16 April 2012

Next stop Norway

North is one of the four cardinal points on the compass. It is the opposite of south. We've just spent a few days in The Highlands - Inverness to be precise. And it is very north. While we were there we pulled in The Bandstand Beer Festival in Nairn; without doubt the most northerly beer festival I've ever been to. But it was only when we went to see Ross County and Dundee kicking a pigs bladder around on Saturday afternoon that we realised just how far north we'd come (Ross ply their trade in Dingwall) - The Osvald Pub in Stord, Norway have an advertising hoarding on the main stand. If only I'd taken my passport.

Congratulations to Ross who have won the league by a country mile. They'll be toughing it out in the SPL next season; I'll be looking out for their results. And I really must praise the food in the tea bar at half time - their Haggis Pies were sublime.


  1. Bet the beer's cheaper in Inverness, though. I was charged eight quid for a pint in Bergen a couple of years ago. I certainly made THAT one last...

  2. Hope you enjoyed yourself, I grew up in Caithness, which is even further north than Inverness. Further north than just about anywhere to be honest.

    I'm glad that County are going up, especially as they seem to have some of the most interesting advertising boards I've seen: that Norwegian pub and "Tool-up Total Asbestos Solutions" who presumably are there for ALL your asbestos needs.

    Oh, and people knock haggis, but it is the king of baked potato fillings. *salivates*

  3. honestly I've never tried Haggis... we are off to Edinburgh in Sept so I must rectify that. Been there twice before on work trips never as a Sasanac Tourist

  4. i'm much further north, on the edge of the world i'd call it and just a stone's throw from Norway. Like Thumper I'm glad County are going to the SPL, as for Haggis - there are good and bad, and I've had mine on Pizza just last weekend.
    Next time you reach this far north, let me know I'll buy you a pint of Orkney ale.